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Blogposts tagged by 'Android'

DesktopSMS Lite: Send SMS from computer using Android phone In the following article I'd like to introduce you DesktopSMS app that brings SMS messaging on your Windows PC (including Windows 10) using Android phone. With DesktopSMS Client, native Windows PC application, you can connect your computer and Android device and then read, compose and send SMS messages easily using computer keyboard. Let's take a closer look.
Send MMS vCard from Android: bizCard Manager 2.0.0 update I'm really happy to announce bizCard Manager 2.0.0 update. The most important feature added is MMS vCard support. Now you are finally able to send MMS vCards from your Android device to the most recent smartphones like iPhone, Nokia or other Android based devices supporting MMS vCards even if your device does not support this feature by default. Read more to see all new features included in the version 2.0.0.
Android 2.x NoClassDefFoundError caused by Fragment or FragmentManager In my recent update of bizCard Manager I've implemented Android Navigation Drawer and beacause I wanted to keep my app running even on APIs lower then Drawer's requiered API level 11 I've used support library that runs on devices with API 7. But shortly after publishing the update I've received numerous crash reports with NoClassDefFoundError caused by FragmentManager, but only from devices running on API lower then 11 (Android 2.x). For anybody who is facing the same problem here is what was the probolem in my case.
bizCard Manager 1.5.1 Update: fresh UI, MMS vCard import support It's been quite a long time since last bizCard Manager update. I am really happy to announce new version of this SMS vCard android application. I've fixed vCard sending issues and I've also implemented few new features such as MMS support that allows users to import vCards from MMS inbox. Let's check out what is new.
Send and receive business cards (vCard) via SMS on Android Android devices does NOT support contact sharing via short text messages (vCard SMS) the way we used to do it e.g. on Nokia phones. It does not even support receiving business cards via SMS and it just swallows that kind of incomming messages so user has no clue about that somebody sent him business card and, what worse, the sender receives success delivery notification. And because this was huge problem for me that I've solved recently I'd like to share the solution with you all.