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bizCard Manager 1.5.1 Update: fresh UI, MMS vCard import support

It's been quite a long time since last bizCard Manager update. I am really happy to announce new version of this SMS vCard android application. I've fixed vCard sending issues and I've also implemented few new features such as MMS support that allows users to import vCards from MMS inbox. Let's check out what is new.
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Problems fixed

The most important thing is that vCard sending problem as reported on some devices (and carriers?) has been fixed. The problem was caused by recipient’s phone number format and it was quite hard to find out the real point of failure.
Some users has also reported that contact lookup is not working well while typing in unicode (cyrillic) characters. In fact the unicode contact lookup was case-sesitive so I've changed it to support unicode case-insensitive contact lookup. I hope it works good now.

New features

The most noticeable change is new and fresh user interface that meets latest Android UI guidelines.
I've been also trying to implement some kind of MMS vCard support, but it’s quite hard to handle MMS on your own on Android platform (although it is not impossible!), so I’ve been playing around with catching incoming MMS messages through user’s messaging inbox, but it didn’t work well on some devices. So I’ve implemented just simple MMS import on demand feature, which allows you to import vCards from MMS inbox if your device has properly received MMS without stripping vCard content. Even that my Galaxy Nexus does not support MMS vCards, many other devices do — so I think that MMS support is not that critical as SMS support.
It is also possible to open vCard files from e-mail or elsewhere in your device with bizCard Manager now. But only single-vCard-per-file vcard files are supported now.

Thanks for feedback

It’s been quite a long time since last update from version 1.3.1 (one year) and the problems with sending vCards on some devices, as reported by few users, was the main reason for the update. I’d like to thank all of you who have reported issues directly to my mailbox, because this is ONE and ONLY way how to get things moving. Giving one star rating with or without any comment is totally meaningless, because I have no chance to contact you back.




14. 4. 2014 6:44:32, Rebecca Bardwell
Just downloaded your app. Love it. Works better than I anticipated. Only thing better would be if I could add the vcards downloaded from mms to my everyday contact list or "people" app on my android phone. If it already does this, I could not figure out how. Thanks, Rebecca
19. 12. 2021 3:05:44, Steve
Hi There,

Just a heads-up that I believe the word "const" is spelled wrong on your website. I had a couple of errors on my site before I started using a service to monitor for them. There are a few sites that do this but we like and


What do you think?

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