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I just finished work on english part of my web site. And this is the first blog post here to fill it with some stuff :). So please welcome and enjoy ;).
When I started working on my new web site I already knew that I'll need english part of the site someday. So it was quite important to prepare all the necessary background services to support multilanguage content. And I have been personally very pleasantly surprised how perfectly I made it even though I was working on Czech part of the content only all the time till now. It took me just few days to translate all the common strings and to tune up multilanguage functionality of the web engine. Damn I'm good.
Last week I finished bizCard Manager and since I've published it on Google Play now it is the right time to launch english part of the web to promote it a bit.
So I hope you will find a lot of usefull information here and will excuse my not-so-perfect english. Thank you ;).


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