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30. 4. 2012

Working on multilingual website now — translating and preparing necessary background site services. Please hold on until I finish all the necessary work and bring the english part of the web up. Thank you.

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How to get Windows Product Key from DigitalProductId exported out of registry This article describes how to decode Windows Product Key from DigitalProductId value which is stored in the registry. This may be useful when we have corrupted system that won't boot up or we just want or need to get the key from system where it is not possible to run key decoder. All we need is to get the DigitalProductId value form the registry of the offline system. Let's read more about it in this article.
(Yet Another) Product Key Number Finder for Windows Sometimes we need to get Windows Product Key Number from installed system because COA label is damaged or missing. The easiest way to do it is using Windows Product Key Finder and you can find plenty of them on the net. I've created another one which is really simple to use and portable without need to install on the target system.
Send MMS vCard from Android: bizCard Manager 2.0.0 update I'm really happy to announce bizCard Manager 2.0.0 update. The most important feature added is MMS vCard support. Now you are finally able to send MMS vCards from your Android device to the most recent smartphones like iPhone, Nokia or other Android based devices supporting MMS vCards even if your device does not support this feature by default. Read more to see all new features included in the version 2.0.0.

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